About Stick Camp


It is a gathering of people that play the Chapman Stick, an original and unique musical instrument created by Emmett Chapman in 1969.


There are now thousands of players playing this instrument all over the world.
It is a meeting organized for the European Stick community to join in common effort to mix music, holiday and concerts together for a week on a beautiful island bathed in the European summer.


We are trying to a have a meeting of players of every level.  We invite you to join us in this “musical-holiday-meeting” to not only share your own music but share any techniques that you have discovered from your Stick experiences.




What we are proposing here is a musical vacation. Yes, a beautiful, paradisiac, fun, musical and instructional holiday. Stick Camp is a mix of Stick seminar with holidays in a natural place – this time it will be in an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
We will play, but we will swim in the sea. We will learn but we will have a chance to swim in a pool in a natural countryside. We will discuss techniques but we will have time for a tennis, volleyball, Ping-Pong…all in natural environments. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, rooms, all included.  We can just walk to the beach – it is about 15-20 minutes.


We will live 6 days and 5 nights all together in a special place equipped to host 40 attendees.
The place will have also some extra services that include nautical activities like kayaking, surfing, bicycle tours, and horses. It is not included in the full service but is available.


Ok. 6 days with full accommodations, including meals and all the spaces must be so expensive for each person, right?


We’ve all been on vacations before and know how expensive they can be.  Here is the good news: the full seminar with 6 days & full accommodations will be for 80€ each day, 480€ the 6 days.


ALL services included. ALL seminar activities are included.
Tabulate the numbers and think about that. It will be more than a seminar.


Should I be an advanced player to attend?


No! There will be activities for all levels of musicians.  Open and private lessons will be available along with “open discussions” about specific topics related to The Stick.  – see the [Activities section] in this site.  You can even teach each other if you think you could help someone in that moment.  Despite a schedule, there will be many chances for things like this to happen spontaneously.
It is an incredible experience to be in a place with so many players talking about The Stick.  This is an opportunity not to be missed!!


Can I play?


Of course. You can perform if you chose to do so.  We want to hear all the great music that is in your heart. There will be one concert every evening in different places on the island. We are trying to include not only solo performances, but duos, trios and Stick Ensembles. We will rehearse during the day and play in the night.
Are you a beginner? This is your chance to learn how to perform for real.
Are you advanced? Come and share with us your music.


What’s next?


We only have 40 spaces available.  We know it will fill up fast so don’t wait very long.  Make your reservations early.
When we reach 40 attendees, the booking for this camp will be closed.  You can book your space [here].






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