Shared Room · 4 people.

€480/6 DAYS ALL INCLUDED Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Seminar and extras: beach, tennis, swimming pool and more.
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Rooms are clean and quiet. The rooms are located in the same place as the Stick seminar. We will be staying at this facility for 6 days. We will be in a beautiful, natural environment and the beach just a 15 min. walk away. All rooms have a clean bathroom with hot water, of course. We thought it would be convenient to do everything in the same place, relaxing and learning, with so many extra services available! To make this meeting possible and affordable, we are offering different rooming arrangements to fit your budget. We are offering rooms for 4 and rooms for 2 at different price points. If you prefer not to share a room or if you are traveling with a non-camp companion or family, you have the option to book outside this facility and make reservations in a local hotel.