The relatively small island of Mallorca has beaches that dreams are made of; expanses of pure white sand, crystal clear azure sea, which are accessible only on foot and huge swaths of soft golden sand.

Swimming Pool

There is a swimming pool available all day.  At night, it will become a magical place where you can relax and enjoy some concerts.

Tennis Court

Are you ready to make your own mark in the World Stick Tennis Championship playing with other musicians and winning the cup? We all want to see that!


Let’s have a nice time having a competiton between the 10 string Stickistas against 12 string Stickistas. Just joking… but seriously, we may just do this!!  It’s all in fun!

Natural Environments

The rural surroundings are idyllic and the location is close to all the beaches.   It is a desirable environment is where land and sea are in perfect harmony with one another.


The popular game originated in England during the 19th century is also available during free times!

Visit to Coves del Drach*

The caves extend to a depth of 25 m, reaching 2.4 km in length. Hidden within is the lake Martel, considered to be one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world. *Not included in seminar cost.

Extra Services*

On your request, you can experience other activities like sea trips (by sailboat, by yacht, kayaking, scuba diving), bike tours, horseback riding, windsurfing among others.   *Not included in seminar cost.