by Guillermo Cides

All the Stick seminars in the world seem to follow the old proverb: "There are no people who know more than others. They just learned it first."

There is a beautiful spirit that you can breathe in at this kind of event. It seems to be related to the shared experiences that you have when you witness one person helping another. From all the past Stick events all over the world to the recent Free Hands Academy in LA, each one of them were looking for the same find the universal language of music that connects us all. Now, the Stick community has joined together in a common effort to do it again. If this all happens in the paradise of Mallorca Island, then let it be so!!


I believe The Stick is not just an instrument but the medium - like an artist's paintbrush - that we use to express all the music that we have inside of us.  The Stick Camp is a perfect musical vacation where you can relax, play music and create new friendships that will last a lifetime. 


Yes, I'm trying to convince you join us.
If you play The Stick, you cannot miss this historical event for many reasons. The first being that Emmett Chapman himself, will be here sharing, performing, teaching and talking to all of us. If you want more reasons to come, for 6 days we will be there in one common place, enjoying dinners meals in a lovely environment, performing every night, swimming, laughing and learning together.
Most importantly, we will be celebrating that we chose this instrument for our music.


I really hope to see you there!