Stick Camp activities

mini4There are some special things that will happen at this Stick Seminar.
Firstly, when all the Stick players are together, we will be able to experience The Stick from different points of views. 

Although, we all play the same instrument, we all have different techniques and styles.  For this, we will have “open talks” where everyone can share their own secrets to playing the Stick, offer a spontaneous master-class, and have free-flowing discussions about our musical experiences and journeys. It will be a spontaneous forum for us and it will give us a fantastic chance to learn from each other. Yes, you will be able to share your own information, if you would like to do it.

Secondly, there will be also specific and more structured class time from Emmett and the other advanced players.  There will be private learning session offered by them as well.

Finally, we want to make music together!  We will have a concert every night from some of the solo Stick artists, but we would love and encourage you to join us with your music too.  It would be a lovely sight to see and hear spontaneous groups form…duos, trios, or ensembles…to create unique evenings of joyful, memorable music.  What a grand musical holiday it will be!



Let's gather together and talk, trade ideas and give some pointers to each other that will help each of us to become better musicians.  There are suggestions below but you can help add to the list any topics that you would like to see discussed.  Please, send the form below to us if you would like to share new information with everyone or if you need specific help in areas not already mentioned.  Don't be afraid!!  Speak up because you will be among friends...your Stick family!


  • Stick sound, amps and pedals · open talk.
  • First steps: Is the "Free Hands" Book is enough? Technique needs!!! · open talk.
  • Repertory: enjoying, not drama! How to start to develop your own music · open talk.
  • Panic stage: how to deal with it · open talk.
  • How to integrate the Stick in a band · open talk.
  • Recording the Stick: nice tricks · open talk.
  • How to remember everything · open talk.
  • Marketing suggestions · open talk.
  • Stick in band or solo Stick concerts? · open talk.
  • Setup: my Stick is broken? · open talk.
  • Suggest other topics [see below]


This will be a place where some advanced players will teach specific topics to the attendants. It will include Emmett's online private meeting from california and classes from other advanced players (Kevin Keith, Boris Bazurov, Guillermo Cides, Jim Meyer, Youenn Landreau, Atreio, Bruno Ricard and others). Besides this open class, if you want to have private meetings please send an email.  The form is below.    







  • The Two Hands Method, online master class by Emmett Chapman.
  • PMD: Position, Movement and Direction, master class by Guillermo Cides
  • Space and chords, master class by Boris Bazurov.
  • Composing a song, master class by Atreio.
  • Stick & Secrets, by Youenn Landreau.
  • Creating loops on stage, master class by Guillermo Cides.
  • More soon....


Between the established solo Stick performances each evening, we will try to make time to create Stick ensembles from those who attend and want to perform. During the day, we can spontaneously jam and present our creations in the evening. If you prefer to play your own solo songs, we encourage it.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to play a long concert.  The goal of this whole vacation is to share in the music that we each bring.



  • Rehearsal
  • Spontaneous duo or trios
  • Solo concerts
  • Creating a song and playing it in the night concert
  • Beginners: learning a song and play it a few days later.
  • Advanced: helping beginners to play with you.
  • ...more soon.