What to bring

There is a few thing you need to bring for the seminar.

  • Your Stick, of course.
  • You need a “stereo to mono” cable. It will help us to save channels during class and meetings. Please, see below if you need more information about that. You can also bring your original Stick cable but we will use mono-stereo cables for practice.
  • Your personal towel. A couple would be fine, including one for the beach.
  • Your bathroom things – shampoo and stuff.
  • An alarm clock, to be on time always!
  • Your CDs.  If you want to sell your music, it’s ok!!!
  • Beach stuff – including snorkel and others if you want.
  • Tennis racquet? Just if you want.


“Stereo to Mono” cable

It is a really useful cable not only for our seminar but for your own use in your house or music. It give you the chance to plug in any amp or mixer and play like a mono instrument. We call this to play in “acoustic” mode.
A mono-stereo cable is basically a standard mono-mono cable (guitar cable) which you changed one of the plug for a stereo jack (see image below).
The stereo jack go to your Stick. The mono jack go to the mixer.
Emmett added this option in some of the new pickup where you can switch the pickup to mono and use a mono-mono cable. If you have one of this pickup, so it is ok.
You can also adapt your original double Stick cable with a plastic adaptor 2 to 1 (see image below) , but it is not always working well since connection are not good all the time.
It is also too big and fragile when you have to connect in a mixer.
We don’t suggest you use it. But is ok if you don’t have other way to make your mono cable.

How can you make your own “acoustic” stereo-mono cable.
You wont find it in any store. The best way is to get a standard guitar mono-mono cable, cut one of the jack and insert there a stereo jack.
You can see that in the image. Just be sure to connect the point 1 with 1, and the both stereo points 2 with the mono point 2.
If you don’t know how to do that and need to ask somebody to make this, you can print this Pdf like a guide!



There is other way to create a stereo-mono cable. It is using some adaptors for it.
It is not the best way what it can work. May be the result is too much adaptors.
Remember that the stereo jack is inserted in your Stick. Be sure that you are getin the correct adaptors.

There are not exist a simply stereo to mono jack adaptor in order to avoid the use of this 2 adaptors.
In any case, please remember that we have for you only one mono channel for when we practice.


About 220V.
Spain use 220 voltios, 50 Hz.
Find an adaptor if you have a different one in your equipments.